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- Can't you find the song you want anywhere else?
- Have you written a song that you want to record?
- Would you like to get YOUR choreography recorded?

We will record any song for you for only $ 50!!!

(To find out how to order, click HERE!)

Just think what a regular studio session would cost you, and what you'd have to pay the musicians (if you don't have your own band)!
And the best thing:
Contrary to others who offer to produce inexpensive music, WE DO NOT USE MIDI SOUNDS!!!
Our music is PLAYED ON REAL INSTRUMENTS BY REAL MUSICIANS ! And since we work with MP3s, there are NO PRODUCTION COSTS, so we can keep the prices low.
We will send you the finished product as MP3 file for free (or on CD or tape for a slight surcharge plus shipping).
If you are interested in our services, please email us.

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Key changes

If your favorite record is too high or too low for you to comfortably call to it, we'll change the pitch (key) WITHOUT CHANGING THE TEMPO.

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If you want a song nobody else has (and don't feel comfortable writing it yourself), tell us what you want, and we write it for you. You provide us with the lyrics (and/or choreography), or we can do that, too, for you.

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Format conversion

We change whatever format you have into whatever format you want.
Formats: Record, CD, Tape or Music Cassette, Video (VHS), MP3, WAV, RealAudio,...